Refrigerator leaking

Plenty of appliances do a lot of work in your home but few can rival the fridge even when the door is closed your fridge is still hard at work and the gentle hum is a reassuring sound you can always count on. That is until it develops a leak!

Fridge too warm

What happens if you suddenly notice your fridge becoming warm? First of all, yes this is a real problem and it can happen. The first thing you need to do is check your temperature dial you could have accidentally knocked it while placing food in your fridge.

Fridge too cold

Fridges and freezers do similar jobs, but they are very different and while they can often be joined together in fridge-freezer combo units it’s important that anyone with one knows when to spot that their fridge is getting too cold.

Fridge too noisy

The hum of a working fridge is a surprisingly relaxing sound, isn’t it? It’s also a sign that everything is working correctly so that’s why being faced with a noisy fridge can be a real headache (no pun intended) it’s also very difficult in the majority of cases to work out where the noise is actually coming from.

Fridge keeps running

Most people can’t tell when a fridge isn’t running, now of course if your fridge isn’t running for too long you’ll start to notice problems. But the very opposite is also true if your fridge is running constantly then problems can start to develop.

Freezer frost

Freezers of any kind will suffer a build-up of frost if left unchecked, although some freezers are designed to help reduce a build-up. If you have a frost-free freezer and notice a build-up of frost then that’s also a sign that something’s not right.

Freezer is noisy

You will almost certainly notice when your freezer is making a sound it shouldn’t. Because freezers are generally very quiet appliances hearing a lot of noise suddenly can understandably worry you. But there is some good news because usually a loud noise won’t be as bad as it might first appear to be.

Freezer not running

If you’re lucky, you’ll be able to spot this problem before the ice starts to defrost but to be honest the majority of people won’t be so fortunate. But while we can’t help you go back in time to fix the issue before it develops we can help you find the cause of the problem!

Freezer too warm

This is a problem for a number of reasons the most serious problem being that it will dramatically affect the quality of your food. Even if your freezer only gets a little warmer it could easily melt a lot of ice in just a few days, so if you notice your freezer getting warmer what can you do about it?

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